11:00 am – 4:00 pm

Ongoing Arts & Crafts and Face Painting

12:00 pm
Eat the Rainbow!

M. Isis Israel will talk about the importance of eating rainbow foods, the nutrition found in each color, and explain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants while the kids make rainbows, faces, and whatever they want with fruits and veggies!

M. Isis Israel is a Cancer Survivor and an Instructor with The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine teaching many people the benefits of a plant based diet. Owner of Foodture cookEat-the-Rainbowing school located in Sonoma County, teaching healthy cooking and Nutrition Classes. Author of two vegan cookbooks and extensive recipe blog. She has been a Saladmaster Chef for 14 years providing families with healthier ways of cooking and preparing foods.


1:30 pm
Bay Area Vegan Family Meetup

Come and connect with other vegan, vegetarian, and veg-leaning families in the Bay Area.

2:30 pm
Book Reading: Lolita Loves the Ocean with author Gina Sequeira

Based on true events, Lolita Loves the Ocean: The Story of a Wild Orca, offers both children and adults a vivid insightful account of the life of Lolita or Toki, the second oldest captive orca in the world, surviving in the U.S at Miami Seaquarium, Florida. Wildlife researcher Gina Sequeira embarks readers on an intimate journey of the ways of wild orcas, and onto Lolita’s mental and physical struggle as a captive animal. Written for ages 8 and up, Sequeira inspires us to ponder the question of whether we are helping or harming fellow non-human animals, and to examine our interactions with all animals in terms of respect, morality and compassion for the natural world.

GINA SEQUEIRA is a professional writer for over 20 years, and an artist and private children’s tutor for 15 years. She is devoted to wildlife conservation and helping to end animal cruelty. She holds a master’s degree from San Francisco State University in wildlife behavior, and worked as an academic researcher and writer in ecology and public policy for nearly 5 years in Hong Kong. All profits from her children’s books are donated to animal protection and advocacy non-profit organizations, many of which are sanctuaries for wildlife and farm animals.