2014 Exhibitors

2014 Exhibitors


Food Vendors

Blue Ribbon Blue Ribbon Sponsors

Whole Foods Market


red ribbon Red Ribbon Sponsors

Community Market

Farm Fresh To You (CSA box delivered to your door!)

Grindstone Bakery

Obsessive Confection Disorder

Sjaak’s Chocolates


More Food Vendors

Alive and Healing Tempeh

Besto Pesto

Chalk Hill Cookery

FarmtoFerments (sauerkraut and kimchi)

Freja’s Foods (offering fresh seitan sandwiches!)

Gaia’s Garden

Genuto (Vegan Gelato)

Get Along Organics

Green Girl Bakeshop (hand spun vegan ice cream sandwiches)

Gursha Catering (Ethiopian)

Heidi Ho Chia Seed Cheese

Lovecrafted Vegan Baking

Lydia’s Lovin Foods

Republic of V (vegan specialty shop in Berkeley)

Sub Zero Ice Cream (Coconut and Almond Ice Cream)

Sunny Vibrations Vegan Food Truck

Township Valley Farms (fresh pesto)


Non-Profit Organizations

Blue Ribbon Blue Ribbon Sponsors

Animal Legal Defense Fund

Compassionate Living

United Poultry Concerns


red ribbon Red Ribbon Sponsors

Action for Animals

Animal Place


More non-profits

Direct Action Everywhere

Factory Farming Awareness Coalition

The Food Empowerment Project

Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary

The Humane League

March for Elephants and Rhinos (October 4, 2014 in San Francisco)

Mercy for Animals

Micacoo Pigeon & Dove Rescue

Save A Bunny

Sea Shepherd

Vegan Outreach


Other Exhibitors


Biotic Beverages (Beet Kvass)

Cali Vegans of Color

Healing is Giving (vegan retreats, hosted by vegans)

Isadorable Crafts (Handmade Vegan Crafts by Isa Woodyard)

Jeanne’s Vegan Massage



Simplecare Products (100% vegan skin care line)

TrueNorth Heath Center

V-Dog Vegan Dog Food

Vegan Hip Hop Movement

The Veggie Queen, Jill Nussinow, RD

V.I.B.E. Resource Group (vegan business owners networking and fundraising)

The Vicious Vegan

Yoga Animalia Project