There are more speakers in the Green Room and Cooking Demonstrations in the Vegucation Room 

12:00 – 12:50 am
Will Tuttle
Healing Our World: A Deeper Look at Food

What are the cultural messages that we consume with our daily meals, and what kind of transformation can we help create when we’re more conscious about our food choices? Join Dr. Tuttle in exploring the hidden consequences of animal agriculture. This presentation illuminates the cultural and health impacts of our food system as the primary organizing and compelling force in our world, and provides some essential keys to thriving in our lives, and being more effective advocates.

Dr. Will Tuttle, visionary author of the acclaimed best-seller The World Peace Diet, published in 16 languages, is a recipient of the Courage of Conscience Award and the Empty Cages Prize. He’s also the author of Your Inner Islands, on developing intuition, and is editor of Circles of Compassion, on the interconnection of social justice issues. A vegan since 1980, he is a frequent radio, television, and online presenter, and has created several wellness and advocacy training programs. Featured in Cowspiracy and other documentary films, he is the co-founder of the Worldwide Prayer Circle for Animals. A former Zen monk with a Ph.D. from U. C., Berkeley, Dr. Tuttle is also a noted composer and pianist, and lectures and concertizes extensively throughout the world promoting peace and cultural healing. www.worldpeacediet.com


1:00 – 1:50 pm
Jasmin Singer
Always Too Much and Never Enough: A Book Reading and Signing

Join memoirist, podcast personality, and activist Jasmin Singer as she reads from her book Always Too Much and Never Enough (Penguin Random House’s Berkeley, 2016). In her book, Jasmin uses the power of personal narrative to challenge assumptions about self-perception, self-truths, and how that connects with our worldview. From the extra pounds and unrelenting bullies that left her eating lunch alone in a bathroom stall at school to the low self-esteem that left her both physically and emotionally vulnerable to abuse, Jasmin Singer’s struggle with food defined her life.

As she later devoted her life to animal rights, she eventually came to realize that her compassion for animals didn’t extend to her own body, and that her low self-esteem was affecting her health. By committing to monthly juice fasts and a diet of whole, unprocessed foods, Jasmin lost almost a hundred pounds, gained an understanding of her destructive relationship with food, and finally realized what it means to be truly full. Told with humble humor and heartbreaking honesty, this is Jasmin’s story of how she went from finding solace in a box of cheese crackers to finding peace within herself.

Jasmin Singer is the author of the memoir, Always Too Much and Never Enough (Penguin Random House Berkley; 2016), the cohost of the Webby-recognized Our Hen House podcast, and the senior editor for the award-winning VegNews Magazine. Jasmin’s memoir documents her journey to find herself through juicing, veganism, and love, as she goes from feeding her emotions to feeding her soul. She was named a 2016 “40 Under 40” by The Advocate Magazine and a 2015 “Eco-Preneur” by Go Magazine. In addition to co-hosting Our Hen House, now in its eighth year, Jasmin is the host of the Teaching Jasmin How to Cook Vegan Podcast, can be seen in the award-winning documentaries Vegucated and The Ghosts In Our Machine, and has also appeared on the Dr. Oz Show and HuffPo Live. Follow Jasmin on Twitter: @jasmin_singer, @ourhenhouse; Instagram @jasminsingerauthor; Facebook and visit jasminsinger.com for updates.


2:00 – 2:50 pm
Robert Grillo
Farm To Fable

We are what we eat, and yet we are largely unaware of the powerful forces that actually shape our food choices. The fact is, on any given day, we face a deluge of fictions fabricated by the multi-billion-dollar marketing and media empire which seeks to influence our purchasing decisions in every conceivable way. Farm to Fable is a visually-engrossing presentation that clearly illuminates how we have become a culture of mass animal consumption, presenting several concrete and recognizable examples from our everyday lives. By naming and identifying these fictions, we take the first major step to becoming a more evolved, fair, and compassionate society.

Robert Grillo is the director of Free from Harm which he founded in 2009 to advocate on behalf of farmed animals and to bring awareness to how animal agriculture is connected to all other forms of exploitation. As an activist, author and speaker, Grillo draws insights from popular culture, sociology, psychology, ethics and social justice to bridge the gap between humans and other animals. As a marketing communications professional for over 20 years, Grillo worked on large food industry accounts where he acquired a behind-the-scenes perspective on food branding and marketing. His new book, Farm to Fable: The Fictions of Our Animal-Consuming Culture exposes the many ways we have all conditioned into a culture where mass animal consumption is the norm. Other published works include contributions to Caged: Top Activists Share Their Wisdom on Effective Animal Advocacy and Circles of Compassion: Connecting Issues of Justice. In addition to these published works, I write articles for Free from Harm and curate work from other leading authors.



3:00 – 4:15 pm
Bay Area Farm Animal Sanctuary Panel


Goatlandia, Santa Rosa
Harvest Home, Stockton
Jameson Rescue Ranch, Napa
PreetiRang Sanctuary, Dixon
Rancho Compassion, Marin
Sinkyone Sanctuary, Forestville

New farm animal sanctuaries are popping up all over the Bay Area! Join us as we go in depth into the important and rewarding work of farm animal sanctuaries. Learn about the animals at the new sanctuary near you and how you can rub a pig’s belly, watch goats play on a two story structure, and sit with a chicken in your lap.